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Yacht hire UK

Yacht hire UK is not only a thriving business but also one of the oldest professions due to the main reason that the United Kingdom is an island and people had
been sailors from the time humans inhabited UK. There are lots of ports in UK and several rivers also offer fabulous sailing opportunities. Hence, the British people have an innate and hereditary desire to sail, either in rivers or on high seas. Such people range from persons without any kind of sailing experience to highly skilled sailors with years of practice and confidence behind them. Hence, many individuals and organizations provide yacht hire UK services in England in most of the major cities and towns that have access either to the rivers or to the sea surrounding the island. In the United Kingdom, normally, the yacht hire UK is classified into three separate seasons. The low season is between November and February. The months of March, April, and October are considered as mid season. The high season is between May and September. Hence, the yacht hire UK rates would vary for each season. Further, the place where the yacht is hired would also determine the cost of yacht hire UK. For example, if you hire a family yacht in the Solent area, with a trip down the English Channel, a typical sample of yacht hire UK rates would be as follows. These rates are approximate and would vary from one yacht hirer to another and for each type of yacht.

Single weekday
Weekend 2 days
Five weekdays
Seven days
Extra days
Low season
Mid season
High season

For British corporate organizations, the yacht hire UK service providers offer several options to suit varied preferences, needs, and requirements of the companies. The programs, normally tailored to suit the company event, are team building events, sunrise breakfasts with champagne, sunset suppers, night sailing, overnight anchorages, D-day weekends, special 3-4 days sailing trip to France and back, South Coast cruising, Channel Island cruising, etc. Such corporate programs could be complemented with seminars on marketing, team optimization, presentation of the corporate vision, or other types of entertainment like bands, dances, buffet lunches or dinners, etc. to boost the morale of the participants and create an unforgettable experience.

Most of the yachts in UK are fitted with a small outboard motorboat, so that the passengers could travel ashore in groups for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or shopping. Children in the group could be provided with a safe fun by allowing them to go around the yacht in the outboard motorboat, with proper protection. Even in corporate yacht hire UK, the staff or clients would carry with them fond memories of the sailing trip. The staff would be motivated to higher productivity and the clients would show more loyalty towards the company and its products. Yacht hire UK providers could be found in several web directories or the local directories of each city or town. Still, it is important to take a look at the particular yacht being offered for the cruising, with the facilities in the yacht, before booking the same for a sailing trip.

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