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Yacht hire honeymoon

Honeymoon is one of the happiest and memorable occasions in the life of an individual. Traveling to exotic destinations as a couple would add more jest
and life to the honeymoon. One of the best options of spending the honeymoon vacation is to arrange a good yacht hire honeymoon facility. This could be done in any sailing area or region in the world. Spending the honeymoon in the comforts of a yacht, with the calm sea waters murmuring around you and the stars glittering in the sky, is sheer magic and highly romantic. The yacht hire honeymoon could be in Greece or in the Caribbean, where several lonely beaches and safe anchorages are available in plenty.

While arranging for yacht hire honeymoon, you could charter a bareboat and skipper the yacht if either of you have the necessary sailing qualifications and experience. If not, you could hire a skipper with the yacht and such skippers would be highly discrete to offer maximum privacy to the couple. Most of the yacht hire honeymoon charter companies offer total support to the honeymoon couple by arranging car hire to move around in the tourist destinations, special honeymoon suits in hotels or exclusive villas, and other facilities that would assist you enjoy your honeymoon to the hilt.

Apart from the above arrangements, the providers of yacht hire honeymoon offer a welcome pack of special food and drinks when the couple arrive on the yacht, special bed linen and towels, guidance for sailing trip planning, and a final last night party with Pimms and drinks to send the couple back home with happy memories. If the couple are water sports lovers, water sports equipment for scuba diving and snorkeling are also offered at special rates for the honeymoon couple.

Yacht hire honeymoon arrangement offers the perfect chance for the couple to have a relaxing time together and understand each other better. The lonely islands and quite cays in many yachting regions around the world provide the required privacy to allow the couple to develop close intimacy without any inhibitions. Whether it is Greece, Croatia, Australia, the Bahamas, the Caribbean Islands, or the Polynesia in the South Pacific, the idyllic surroundings act as a terrific catalyst to create the maximum possible romantic mood between the couple. Even on board the yacht, the skipper and the crew members would offer personal and attentive service to the honeymoon couple, while being quite discreet in maintaining the privacy of the couple. Such a yacht hire honeymoon experience should be taken advantage of by every wedding couple, even if they are able to afford only a few days of such yachting holiday on the high seas and among the enchanting islands.

If the couple wish to have absolute privacy, most of the yacht hire companies offer sailing training at a nominal cost. The bridegroom and the bride could attend such a sailing course for a few weeks before the wedding and then hire a bareboat and sail on their own to their favorite destinations. In short, yacht hire honeymoon facilities offered by yacht chartering companies should be fully utilized by all the wedding couples.

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