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Yacht hire FAQs

Several types of yacht hire FAQs could exist but many of them are normally common to yacht hire in most of the parts of the world. In general, the yacht hire FAQs are classified into bareboats FAQs and crewed yacht chartering FAQs. The most important among them are presented below.

Bareboat Yacht Hire FAQs

What are the costs covered in hiring a bareboat?
Normally, all the yacht hiring companies would include the cost of hiring the yacht fully equipped with the necessary inventory, the costs of yacht insurance and local VAT charges. This basic cost is generally termed as bareboat charter fee.

What are the costs that would be treated as additional in hiring a bareboat?
Fuel costs for the engines and the generator, water costs, port and marina duties and taxes, and hiring costs for additional equipment, such as blister sail, water sport equipments like gear for scuba diving or snorkeling, etc. would not be included in the basic bareboat charter fee. The insurance costs of the passengers and additional crew members, if any, would also be excluded from the charter fee and the person hiring the bareboat should arrange for this. In certain cases, the charterer would have insured the crew and demand a proportionate amount to cover the annual insurance costs.

Is a travel insurance necessary while hiring a bareboat?
It is always advisable to purchase the right type of travel insurance, which should include provision for holiday cancellation, so that the charter payments and other liabilities are fully covered.

Should I have a skipper license for hiring a bareboat?
Normally, the skipper and the co-skipper should have sailing licenses as evidence of sailing competency. The yacht charterer would generally require you to sign the official declaration for confirming your sailing ability. If you are not able to meet the norms, you might need to hire a person with proper sailing license.

Are there specific days and timings for starting and ending the hiring of a bareboat?
This would depend on the area that you sail and the terms of the yacht chartering company. Except for single or two-day sailing trips, normally bareboat hiring would be on a weekly basis, with the arrangement beginning and ending on Saturdays. However, most of the charterers would accommodate odd periods like 5 days or 11 days also. Similarly, the bareboat hiring would normally start at 17-00 hours and would end at 9-00 hours. However, the timings could be negotiated to suit your needs.

Fully Crewed Yacht Hire FAQs

Most of the yacht hire FAQs pertaining to bareboat hiring would be equally applicable to fully crewed yacht chartering also. However, certain additional yacht hire FAQs would be specifically applicable to fully crewed yacht hiring.

Would the passengers have adequate privacy aboard a crewed yacht?
Normally, the yacht chartering companies ensure that ample privacy is provided to the passengers by having separate quarters for the crew. Moreover, the crew members would be trained professional and they would operate in a very discreet manner and treat the passengers with due care and respect, without intruding into their privacy.

What are the costs covered in chartering a fully crewed yacht?
In the case of crewed yacht charters, the charter fee would normally include the yacht operational expenses like the wages and food expenses of the crew, fuel charges, insurance of the yacht and the crew, on-board laundry charges, and harbor duties and taxes. At times, the charter fee could also cover the costs of water sports equipment, communication costs, costs of entertainment items like TV, stereo, video, etc. However, in most cases, these would be charged separately.

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