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Yacht hire Wales

Wales is part of the United Kingdom but is considered as a separate country just like England. The Atlantic and Irish Sea in the west offer ample opportunities
for yacht hire Wales for lovers of sailing. Even though the country has its own language, known as Welsh, English is also an official language, spoken by majority of the residents. Hence, visitors and tourists would not face much of language problem in Wales. The capital of Wales is Cardiff, which had been a major port in the nineteenth century, being the biggest port of coal export in the world. As such, the Welsh people are born sailors and yacht hire Wales is a flourishing industry.

Wales is surrounded by sea on three sides with England bordering it in the east. The Bristol Channel is in the south, the Celtic Sea is in the west, and the Irish Sea is in the north of this state. With a coastline of more than 1,200 km, seafaring is part of the culture of the people and hence several companies offer excellent yacht hire Wales facilities. Off the mainland, several islands provide further fun to sailors and tourists. Anglesey is the largest among the island, lying in the northwest direction of the mainland.

The coastlines of south and west areas of Wales had been designated as heritage coasts. The coastlines of Glamorgan Heritage Coast, Pembrokeshire, the Gower Peninsula, Ceredigion, and Carmarthenshire are pretty wild, with beaches full of white sand, clear blue waters, and remarkable marine life. However, yacht hire Wales should be undertaken with lot of
precaution. The southern and western coasts of Wales had been frequently under the attack of the fearsome Atlantic westerlies and south westerlies that had sunk or wrecked many boats, yachts, and ships. The nearly Irish and Cornish coasts had also suffered the same fate. According to available data, in a single night in October 25, 1859, about 114 ships were completely destroyed by an Atlantic hurricane. As such, Wales possesses the dubious distinction of being among the regions having very high shipwreck rates in the entire Europe. As such, yacht hire Wales should be arranged only through experienced yacht hire service providers and visits during the peak periods of the westerlies should be avoided.

However, Gower, Cardigan Bay, and Pembrokeshire are home to varieties of marine species, such as basking sharks, leatherback turtles, Atlantic grey seals, dolphins, jellyfish, porpoises, lobsters, and crabs. Watching them arrive in these regions and play around is a rare sight that would be etched in our memories forever. In fact, the Bottlenose dolphins could be found only in Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion. It is worth your money to have a yacht hire Wales just to watch these rare marine species.

In spite of the threatening Atlantic westerlies, Wales is slowly gaining ground as a major surfing destination and water sports lovers frequent Cardiff, Pembrokeshire, Ceredigion, Cardigan Bay, and Gower in larger numbers every year. Even though Wales is surrounded by sea on three sides, the cuisine of Wales is not famous for seafood but for its lamb meat dishes due to huge sheep forming in this enchanting country. As such, if you opt for yacht hire Wales, you would be able to enjoy the most delicious Welsh Lamb dishes.

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