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The Bailiwick of Jersey is a Crown Dependency of the Great Britain, situated off the Normandy coast of France. The Jersey Bailiwick and the Guernsey Bailiwick,
the area is famous as the Channel Islands. Jersey is not officially a part of the United Kingdom but a separate possession of the British Crown. The civil head of Jersey is the Bailiff, who is also its judiciary. The Lieutenant Governor of Jersey is the official representative of the Crown, ruled by Elizabeth II as the Queen of England. As such, Jersey is not a member of the European Union, even though it is counted among the customs territories of the European Community. The island of Jersey is a major sailing center and yacht hire Jersey is a thriving business in this small island.

Jersey is the largest of the Channel Islands, situated in the English Channel at a distance of about 87 nautical miles from Great Britain in the south. However, it is much closer to the Cotenin Peninsula in France, with the Normandy region just about 12 nautical miles away. Yacht hire Jersey is flourishing mainly because of the temperate climate with cool summers and mild winters. The plateau of the island stretches from the southern sandy beaches to the northern rugged cliffs, with several valleys in between. This is an added attraction to sailors and tourists.

Jersey possesses a very high per capita GDP amongst the small states in the world, estimated at $57,000 in 2005. Jersey is a major offshore financial center in the world, with tourism also providing a fair amount of support to the islandís economy, apart from agriculture and e-commerce business. According to available data, around 729,000 people visited Jersey in 2006 and they spent about £222 million. Hence, along with very good facilities for yacht hire Jersey, the availability of duty free goods in the island also lures tourists and sailors to this small state. Both the British pound and the Euro are equally accepted here due to the close links with England and France.

The only town of the island of Jersey is Saint Helier, having about 30% of the total population of the state which is about 88,000. Jersey is home to a variety of marine sports like surfing, swimming in the sea, windsurfing, etc. Jersey also boasts of the prized possession of the Royal Channel Island Yacht Club. Jersey has its own immigration and border controls. Hence, you should contact a reliable yacht hire Jersey services company to have a smooth entry and stay in this island. However, both the tourists and the sailors would love the cuisine of Jersey, consisting mainly of seafood, such as lobster, crabs, and oysters, especially ormers and conger, two special types of spider crabs.

Yacht hire Jersey could be quite exciting, when you sail your boat or yacht and spot playful dolphins and tasty sea bass. You could also cruise around the south coast and amaze at the armaments and gun emplacements left behind the Germans after they were vanquished when the World War II ended. If you want more fun, inflatable dinghies that are pulled behind speedboats and jet skiing in the sea would pump up your adrenaline. Once you had experienced the fun of yacht hire Jersey, you would keep coming back.

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