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Yacht hire in the Mediterranean

There would not be a single traveler or tourist in the world, who would miss the chance for yacht hire in the Mediterranean and sail around the exciting and exquisite destinations abounding in the Mediterranean coastlines. Yacht hire in the Mediterranean is generally classified as eastern Mediterranean and western Mediterranean regions, even though another classification as eastern, central, and western also exists. Greece, Croatia, Malta, and Turkey come under the eastern regional category, while Italy, Sardinia, Corsica, Spain, Monaco, and France comprise of western Mediterranean yacht charter. Even though the French Riviera and the Spanish Riviera are international known, equally terrific sailing opportunities exist in the other areas also that would surprise the first time visitors and force them to come again repeatedly.

The Mediterranean sailing area includes both the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The total area of the Mediterranean Sea alone is about 2.5 million km2. The average depth of the sea is around 1,500 meters and hence, yacht hire in the Mediterranean is one of the most pleasant experiences. It is important to note that some of the oldest cultures, such as the Roman, Greek, Turkish, Spanish, and Egyptian cultures flourished around the coastlines of the Mediterranean Sea. As such, visiting such historic places through yacht hire in the Mediterranean is a highly pleasant experience that one could get in the entire lifetime.

Apart from the larger countries in Europe and Africa along the Mediterranean coast, several islands are also famous tourist destinations. These include Cyprus, Rhodes, Euboea, Crete, Corfu, Chios, Kefalonia, Andros, Lesbos, and Naxos in the eastern region, Sardinia, Sicily, Corsica, Malta, Cres, and a few other minor islands in the central region, and Ibiza, Minorca or the Balearic Islands, and Majorca in the western region. Yacht hire in the Mediterranean should include visits to these islands without fail. Since the Mediterranean climate of dry and hot summers, along with rainy and mild winters is liked by all the tourists, facilitating travel during any time of the year, people from every corner of the globe love to sail in the Mediterranean region.

Another major reason for the success of sailing in this region is the lack of high tides, because the connection to the Atlantic is very narrow, with the width of the Strait of Gibraltar being only about 14 km. As such, yacht hire in the Mediterranean is considered one of the safest touring modes, combining pleasure with luxury or adventure, according to the type of vessel that is chartered. Yacht hire in the Mediterranean is generally covered by the common chartering terms followed by the Mediterranean Yacht Broker Association or MYBA. Started in 1984 by prominent yacht brokers, the association had set high standards for yacht chartering and ensures that ethics and professionalism are properly conducted in worldwide yacht hiring industry. About 30 major yacht brokerages operating from France, Great Britain, Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, and Monaco are members of MYBA. The terms of MYBA are being broadly followed in all other yachting areas in the world. As such, yacht hire in the Mediterranean is a hassle-free process, presenting the best sailing trips and exciting ports of call.

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