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Yacht hire in the Bahamas

The Bahamas is a country of 29 large islands in the Caribbean Sea region. Additionally, there are thousands of islets and cays without any human settlements.
In fact, the Bahamas had been nicknamed as ‘The country of 700 islands’. It is an English speaking country. Tourism and offshore financial business support the economy of this nation.

The island of Bimini, the closest to US, is the gateway to Bahamas. Other major islands include Abaco, Great Inagua, Andros Island, Cat Island, San Salvador Island, Eleuthera, Crooked Island, New Providence, Acklins, Mayaguana, and Exuma. The capital city of the Bahamas, Nassau, is situated in the New Providence Island. Hence, yacht hire in the Bahamas had been a major tourist attraction.

The climate in the Bahamas had been significantly moderated by the Gulf Stream waters and remains tropical to subtropical, with relatively warm winters. However, the same Gulf Stream also generates dangerous hurricanes in the summer and autumn seasons. As such, yacht hire in the Bahamas should be avoided during these periods, particularly when there are hurricane warnings. Still, the shallow waters around the various islands and the natural scenic beauty of the inland areas had been major attractions. Yachting in the waters around the islands and island hopping is an enjoyable pastime for majority of visitors to the Bahamas.

Further, many island settlements conduct regattas as key social events, with a few days of sailing with the old-fashioned sailing vessels called work boats. These regattas, combined simultaneously with onshore festivals, had given a big boost to the industry of yacht hire in the Bahamas. The calm waters and the tradewinds that cool the islands had given an international sailing reputation to this enchanting country. The Bahamas possess more than 5% of the reef mass of the world, thus creating diverse and huge underwater parks. Divers and snorkel enthusiasts throng the Bahamas to watch these beautiful underwater sceneries.

The thousands of miles of coastlines in the Bahamas are studded with unsullied and stunning beaches that range from the pink sands of Eleuthera and Harbor Island to the deserted strands of San Salvador Island and the Exumas. Hence, tourists with sailing interest naturally gravitate to the Bahamas and indulge in yacht hire in the Bahamas to spend their vacation in a relaxing manner. The waters are so clean in the Bahamas that the visibility would extend to more than 200 feet in many areas. As such, all types of water sports such as sailing, diving, kayaking, snorkeling, boating, and fishing thrive in these islands.

The yacht hire in the Bahamas had gained such a reputation that more than 100,000 sailors visit the country every year to participate in the sailing regattas and Boating Flings. The yacht chartering companies offer variety of sailing vessels like catamarans, boats, yachts, and private chartered motorboats. If you wish to spend a few days far away from civilization, then the unpopulated islands in the Bahamas are the ideal getaway spots. Yacht hire in the Bahamas is the best way to unwind from your accumulated stress from the fast life in the cities and recharge your batteries in a natural manner.

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