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Yacht hire France

Yacht hire France is one of the most exciting experiences for all sailing enthusiasts. France has a long and rich history in boating and sailing.
Sailing is in the blood of every person living in France and the culture is so deep rooted in the country that France and sailing could be termed as inseparable. The French Riviera is flocked by sailors and tourists from every part of the globe and many travelers even believe that their life would not be complete without a visit to the French Riviera. Even though it is known as the playground of the bold and the beautiful, as well as the royalty and the film stars, millions of travelers and water lovers throng this area due to the wide range of yacht hire France facilities available here to suit all types of budget.

In the French Riviera, Antibes is the largest favorite centers for yacht hire France enthusiasts in the southern French coastline. Situated between Cannes and Nice, it had been an active port for several centuries from the times of the Greek and Roman empires. It is a major yachting center at present in France, with the Picasso Museum being the biggest attraction of Antibes. Cannes, renowned for its annual Cannes Film Festival is only a little distance away from Antibes. The several miles of sandy beaches in the Rade de Cannes along ‘La Croisette’ or ‘Golfe de la Napoule’ are the pride of Cannes, apart from the medieval ramparts and churches that take you to the old culture that existed in France. Further south is one of the classiest resorts of St. Tropez, a place where everybody wants to be seen apart from seeing this lovely spot. Famous for the visits of great artists and writers such as Picasso, Jacques Prevert, Francoise Sagan, and Brigitte Bardot in the past, St. Tropez is the vacation spot for international Jet Setters and fashionable Parisians today.

On the northern side of the French Riviera is Monte Carlo, the world famous glamour and gambling center in Monaco, a former French colonial country. Several prestigious and prominent events are part of the culture of Monte Carlo, including the Monaco Grand Prix event, attended by thousands of motor race lovers. As such, French Riviera is the focal point of yacht hire France.

In this region, you would find not only the most lavish and impressive yachts but also sailboats and motorboats of all sizes, so that individuals, small groups, and even very large assemblage would be able to find a yacht that suits their preferences, tastes, and budgets. The added on-shore attraction of sophisticated clubs, exclusive restaurants, glamorous casinos, and idyllic landscapes, supported by quaint ports make the French Riviera as a favorite region for yacht hire France.

Another lovable yacht hire France destination in the French Riviera is the tourist center of Nice. Since the Nice – Cote d’Azur airport is situated here, it is considered as the gateway to the French Riviera. Another pearl in this region is Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, known internationally for its warm climate and tranquil atmosphere. If you visit this breathtaking peninsula, you would be rubbing shoulders with global millionaires and the best of European aristocracy. Considering all the above facts, yacht hire France is one of the most exciting and enjoyable experiences that one could ever have.

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