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Yacht hire costs

One major consideration and limitation for lovers of sailing is yacht hire costs. The hiring costs of yachts depend on several factors,
such as the type of the boat or the yacht that you prefer, self-sailing or hiring a crew, the number of sailing trip days, the number of passengers and the fuel and provisions required for them, the season during which you wish to hire the vessel, and the region in which you wish to hire the yacht.

Most of the yacht chartering processes would comprise of the following items in yacht hire costs.
  • Basic yacht chartering costs, depending on the period of hiring
  • Insurance costs of the yacht, the passengers, and the crew members
  • Wages and food expenses of the crew, calculated generally on a per-day basis
  • Fuel costs of the yacht and the generator for the sailing period
  • Harbor taxes and duties of various ports of call
  • Food and beverage costs for the passengers
  • Communication costs like satellite phone costs, Internet charges, WIFI charges, etc.
  • On shore costs, such as limousines, hotel accommodations, restaurant expenses, etc.
However, this would vary widely from one yacht hiring company to another and for each region, depending on the local conditions. Many yacht chartering arrangements could exclude the fuel costs of the engines and the generator or limit them to a specific number of hours per day, such as 4 hours, 6 hours, etc. Several yacht hirers would also keep the harbor duties and taxes of the various ports that are visited during the sailing trip from yacht hire costs agreement.

Insurance would also be normally the responsibility of the person hiring the yacht. Such insurance would cover the yacht, the number of passengers on board, and all the crew members, including the skipper, hostess, and steward. All these costs could add considerably to your yacht hiring budget. As such, thorough enquiry into all the cost aspects of yacht chartering should be done carefully to avoid financial problems and consequent embarrassments while sailing.

For example, in southwest Australia, yacht hiring between December and April on a yacht with 3 private cabins accommodating 6 persons would be about A$600 a day for a minimum 3-days hire agreement. The same yacht hire costs would be around A$500 between May and November. In New Zealand, for a day cruise in comfortable guided yacht tours, the yacht hire costs would be NZ$70 per person for a sailing trip of 8 hours. If overnight accommodation is required, you might need to pay an additional NZ$60 for each person and this would include breakfast in the next day morning.

In the Solent area in the United Kingdom, a single day yacht hire costs would be about 250 in low season, 300 in mid season and 350 in high season. In the Mediterranean, yacht hire costs for a week would be between a few thousand euros to several thousands of euros, depending on the type of the vessel and the sailing area. You would do well to ascertain all the inclusive and exclusive yacht hire costs with the yacht hiring company or broker before signing the chartering agreement.

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