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Yacht clubs function in every region of most of the countries. Such clubs are categorized under sports clubs, with special emphasis on yachting
and sailing. Most of the yacht clubs around the world would be located near a beach, though yacht clubs near inland lakes or on river shores are also plentiful. Yacht club hire has several advantages. Nearly all the yacht clubs would have their own marina or a separate beach section or shoreline. Such marinas would have buoys that mark safe anchorages and off-limit areas for swimmers. Further, the yacht clubs would have a clubhouse with restaurant and bar facilities for the exclusive use of the club members to socialize with each other and share their experiences in an informal setting and a pleasant atmosphere.

However, a minor difference could be made between yacht clubs and sailing clubs. The initial yacht clubs generally comprised of persons who owned yachts, while sailing clubs had owners of smaller boats like dinghies as their members. However, the delineation had blurred now and there is not much difference in the functioning of the clubs, whether they operate as yacht clubs or sailing clubs. Moreover, the membership had been extended from yacht and boat owners to include sailors, yacht skippers, and yacht crew, as well as those who are interested in yacht racing. Some clubs have two separate sections, one for yacht and boat owners and the other one for sailors and crew members. However, yacht club hire is an entirely different subject.

Most of the clubs organize yacht racing along with cruising trips on a regular basis. Regattas of local nature to national competition events are quite common. Racing between teams of several yacht clubs are also organized. Such clubs offer their members yacht club hire facilities to choose the yacht of their preference and taste to compete in such events. Since many of the leading yacht clubs have a large fleet of yachts, the scope for yacht club hire of yachts either for racing or for cruising could be done on better terms, compared to yacht hiring from private operators. This is a major advantage in becoming a member in a yacht club and arranging yacht club hire to have a yacht of your choice, whether it is for racing or for cruise sailing.

The major areas in the world that are famous for yacht club hire of yachts are Africa, Asia, Australia, Bermuda, Canada, Caribbean, Central America, Europe, Indian Ocean, Mexico, The Bahamas, The Mediterranean, Southern Pacific, South America, United States, and Western Pacific. Since these regions are major sailing and racing centers with thriving travel industry, sailors and tourists throng these areas more than other regions. Hence, most of the world famous yacht clubs are situated in these areas and the best yacht club hire facilities are available in them. Even among the above regions, the most preferred sailing areas are the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. The Mediterranean region is preferred for its mild climate throughout the year, while the Caribbean is famous due to the various islands that offer quiet relaxation and exciting time side by side.

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