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Skippered yacht hire

Skippered yacht hire offers lots of benefits to the tourists, families, and corporate companies. The passengers could relax from the tedious work of
handling the yacht in various types of waters, of which many of them could be unfamiliar to them. An experienced skipper would know the conditions of the waters, the wind, the depth of the water in each area, and other related factors thoroughly. Hence, the risks in sailing are greatly mitigated when a skippered yacht hire is undertaken.

Normally, skippered yacht hire is resorted to on two occasions. One is when you do not have any sailing experience or you wish to sail in an area that you are totally unfamiliar with, even if you have considerable experience in sailing. The other instance would be when the yacht is too large for you and co-passengers to handle on your own. In both these situations, the expert and experienced skipper would bring with him years of sailing experience, intimate knowledge of the sailing area, and be a guide to your tourist destinations due to his intimacy with the local ports of call and touring spots.

If the yacht is not very large, a single skipper could be engaged to handle the yacht and also cook the breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If the yacht is a medium-sized one, then you
might need a separate cook, apart from the skipper. For larger yachts, the number of crew members would increase in proportion to the size of the yacht. The yacht should have enough berths to accommodate all the crew members, apart from the passengers. These factors should be taken into consideration while choosing skippered yacht hire. Further, the crew wages and crew food costs should also be clearly ascertained, since this could vary from region to region.

Skippered yacht hire offers several advantages, whether the sailing trip is for pleasure or business. Still, you should ensure that the skipper and the crew members have ample experience in the area of sailing and are familiar with the local sailing laws and regulations. Infringement of such regulations could result in penalties and even imprisonment, if the breach of laws is serious enough. As such, when you wish to sail in a region not well-known to you, skippered yacht hire is the best option to avoid unwanted and unnecessary troubles and hassles.

Another major advantage in having a skippered yacht hire is that you could learn the art of sailing from the experienced skipper, if you are not familiar with the intricacies of sailing a yacht. A training session on sailing for 3 hours, counted as half day, might cost you about 200 to 250 and the number of persons allowed for training would usually be between 1 and 4. A full day session of 6 hours might cost between 300 and 350. The initial training would be provided in calm waters, so that there is not much risk to you and your co-trainees. Once you learn to handle the yacht efficiently in calm waters, you could undertake training in rough waters or on high seas, where the water and wind conditions would be changing continuously. This is a big benefit in a skippered yacht hire.

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