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Sailing yacht hire

Sailing yacht hire needs lot of care and preparation. A sailing yacht is different from boats, powerboats, and ships. The length of a sailing yacht could vary
between 20 feet and hundreds of feet. Sailing yachts with lengths lesser than 40 feet are known as cabin cruisers and are even simply termed as cruisers. Sailing yachts that have more than 100 feet length are known as mega yachts, whether they have sails or motor powered. Sailing yachts above 200 feet are referred to as super yachts. However, even these sizes are smaller, compared to cruise liners, ships, and oil tankers. Even then, the increased presence of larger luxury sailing yachts and cruise liners had relegated the conventional sailing yachts to either for shorter cruising trips or for racing events.

Sailing yacht hire offers a wider choice nowadays. Up to the 1950s, all the smaller sailing yachts were made of wood and steel was also used in larger yachts. However, a larger range of materials are used for yacht building nowadays. Fiberglass predominates as the preferred material of construction, with aluminum, carbon fiber, and steel also widely used. Even in yachts with wooden construction, the traditional wood board is reinforced with modern wooden products like plywood, epoxy resins, and veneers. In the United States, only the yachts that are normally smaller in size are termed as sailing yachts or sailboats.

Sailing yacht hire had been made easier even for sailors with only a little amount of sailing experience due to the highly efficient and improved sail-plans. The Bermuda rig that is
quite common among sailboats and sailing yachts nowadays allows the sailors to sail easily towards the wind. The latest sail-plan and the design of the hull utilize the principle of Bernoulli by the provision of a sloop rig to generate a better lift. The smaller sailing yachts around 20 feet length are termed as dinghies. These sailboats have a retractable keel, daggerboard, or centerboard. These sailing yachts would not have a cabin and are normally meant for use during the day. However, they would have a ‘cubby’, which is a solid roof in the front portion of the hull to provide shelter from water spray and wind. This place could be utilized to store emergency equipment also.

The larger sailing yachts in the range of 30 feet length would be useful for weekend sailing. They would have two keels to operate even in shallow waters. Due to this twin keeling arrangement, they could be beached easily when there is a tide falls and they would remain upright even if there is no water under the yachts. Such sailing yacht hire is ideal for trips of 2 to 4 days and they would have a single cabin, with bed space for about 2 to 4 persons at the maximum. These sailing yachts would have a galley or a kitchen, navigation equipment, and seating arrangement, apart from sleeping berths. This would limit the space for the amount of food and water that could be stored. Hence, special arrangements should be made to have adequate supply of food and water when you choose sailing yacht hire of these types for a weekend cruise.

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