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Motor yacht hire

Motor yacht hire is one of the easiest methods to enjoy your vacation and for sailing on all types of waters. Motor yachts are classified as motor bareboats,
speedboats, powerboats, large luxury motor boats, etc. according to their size, design, capacity, and amenities on board. Motor yachts are available with various lengths starting from about 6 meters. There are several advantages in hiring or chartering motor yachts, compared to sailboats or conventional yachts. Normally, motor yachts have a shallow drift. This would enable you to enter even those water inlets that are small and shallow. Motor yachts are very easy to navigate and you would not require special training, knowledge, or experience to handle them and operate them. Further, they are more stable in the water than the sailboats, apart from being spacious, comfortable, well equipped, and nicely furnished.

Since the speeds of the motor yachts are much higher than those of sailboats and there is no dependence on the speed or direction of the wind, you would be able to cover more areas in a shorter time and you could either visit a place or a port or skip them, according to your personal preferences and tastes. Further, the speed of the motor yacht would be a unique thrill and excitement that you would definitely enjoy. Hence, motor yacht hire is ideal for you if you wish to sail around a larger area and you have only a short holiday.

The larger models of motor yachts that you hire would compulsorily have at least one crew member, if not more, depending on the size of the motor yacht. Handling larger motor yachts
could not be done by a single person and you would appreciate the presence of an experienced captain or skipper to assist you in controlling the motor yacht. Normally, the larger motor yachts would have a separate cabin for the crew. If there are no separate cabins for the crew, you should ensure that adequate berths are available for the crew along with you and your co-passengers when you decide on motor yacht hire.

The smaller motor yachts could be navigated by you alone and they would take you to all your favorites spots much faster but the comforts would be minimal in smaller motor yachts. One more factor that you should keep in mind is that the motor yachts are powered by fuel and their fuel consumption is considerable, depending on their size and maximum speed. You should ensure that you have adequate stock of fuel in the boat to take you to a place where you could refill your motor yatch with more fuel. There is no point in getting stranded in open sea. Moreover, due to the cost of the fuel, motor yacht hire is always costlier than ordinary sailboat or yacht hire.

When you opt for motor yacht hire, first decide whether you are familiar with the area where you wish to sail. If you have any doubts, it would be advisable to have an experienced skipper with complete knowledge about the sailing area to ensure safety to yourself and the motor yacht.

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