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Luxury yacht hire

Luxury yacht hire requires special attention to several minute details. Normally, the length of these yachts would be 82 feet or more.
The original sailboats and powered motorboats with simple design and basic amenities had become highly sophisticated and full of luxury due to greater demand from sailors and tourists for more comforts. This development had been further made easy by the advent of fiberglass hulls, higher production techniques of automation in yacht building, particularly in Europe. The cost of production had been significantly reduced due to this and the luxury yacht manufacturers had been able to add more items that could provide comfort to the passengers.

The luxury yacht hire now offers several advantages that were not previously available to sailors and tourists. These luxury yachts, particularly those with lengths more than 130 feet, have the latest automated sailing controls, such as electric winches that are controlled by computers for raising and lowering of the sails and auto-pilot facilities that would automatically take the yachts on a particular course, once the course is set in the computer. The luxury yacht hire had been made safer due to advanced navigation and radio contact aids, such as global positioning systems or GPS, radar, echo-sounding equipment, WIFI, wireless Internet, and dedicated power generators. The batteries of the yachts are charged by an alternator that is powered by the auxiliary engine. For luxury yacht hire that are meant for a long-range cruising, other types of back-up power generation systems like wind-power, solar-power, and hydro-power generators are installed to ensure trouble-free cruising.

Due to these technical advancements, the modern luxury yacht hire had made it possible for passengers to travel thousands of miles, with adequate storage space for food, water, and other essentials for a long tour. Such yachts would have several cabins below the deck. Depending on the size of the luxury yacht, the number of double-berth cabins would vary between 3 and 30. One or more toilet and shower room facilities would be separately available. There would be a large saloon with a galley and dining facilities. Apart from this, the deck would have seating facilities for the passengers to enjoy the sun and sea, when the sky is clear.

Such luxury yacht hire had been facilitated by the superior yacht building design offered by many yacht manufacturers nowadays. Most of them favor a hull with a teardrop-planform, supported by a flat and wide bottom. The stability is provided by a deep single-fin keel. Most of these yachts would have a single mast with Bermuda rigged sloops. There would be one fore-sail of the Genoa or jib type, along with a single mainsail. For down-wind use, Spinnaker sails of various sizes would be utilized. Hence, the present luxury yacht hire ensures good performance even in light wind conditions, quiet and easy handling qualities, large interior spaces for free movement and with sophisticated on-board comfort. As such, luxury yacht hire had become not only cost effective but also pure fun and frolic for those who wish to relax from the rigors of the fast life of modern times.

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