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Corporate yacht hire

Corporate yacht hire differs from individual and family yacht hire in many aspects. Individuals and families wish to sail around and enjoy the fun of swishing
through the wind and waters, with occasional good dining either in the yacht or on the shore. On the other hand, corporate yacht hire is organized with special goals, aims, and motives. In general, corporate yacht hire is arranged for three groups, staff, clients, and vendors. The facilities and plans required for each group would vary widely. Even among the staff entertainment, there could be sub-classifications, such as production staff, sales and marketing staff, and entire staff. In several occasions, the families of the staff members might be included to shower extra favor to the employees. Similarly, clients could be selected on a random basis or could be from a particular region or area or city. Again, family members might be included in the sailing trip in corporate yacht hire.

The corporate yacht hire would depend on the group selected for the sailing trip, the duration of the tour, the number of passengers involved, and on-shore as well as off-shore facilities that are required to be offered. For example, if the sailing trip is for a full week, with a few ports of call, then hotel reservations for overnight stay in the ports, catering arrangements on board the yacht and in the places of stay, as well as limousine facilities for transportation from the yacht to the hotels and travel around the cities, should be included in the scheme. Further, entertainment of the group during the week should also be planned to keep the guests fully occupied and make the trip an enjoyable one. Corporate yacht hire should reflect the extent of hospitality the company would be able to extend to the group invited for the sailing trip.

If the group of passengers includes children, then separate entertainment programs for the kids should be put in place. Such corporate yacht hire for staff could easily include motivational seminars, while sailing trip for clients could comprise of product demonstrations or promotions to familiarize the clients with all the products of the organization. The trip with vendors could contain speeches and demonstrations for improving the quality of supply of spares, accessories, etc. by the vendors. As such, the corporate yacht hire is one of best opportunities to motivate the employees, clients, and vendors in a positive manner, apart from offering them fun, frolic and unforgettable enjoyment. The event managers should take all the above factors into consideration while organizing the sailing trip and plan the entire tour meticulously to maximize the benefits from the corporate yacht hire.

Normally, corporate yacht hire would have an experienced crew and an able skipper at the helm. Since the crew would take care of the sailing, the managers holding the event would be free to concentrate on the passenger amenities and entertainment. Still, the passengers could be allowed to learn about sailing, with each one spending some time in finding out the intricacies of yacht sailing. This would make the entire sailing trip a memorable one to the participants and their loyalty to the company would increase manifold.

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