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Cheap yacht hire

Cheap yacht hire has advantages as well as risks. Hence, when you are offered cheap yacht hire, you should study the terms of hire very carefully.
Most of the yacht hiring under these terms would have subtle clauses that either restrict certain offers and costs or exclude them completely from the hire or charter agreement. For example, a typical cheap yacht hire would stipulate that the fuel costs included in the agreement would be for 4 hours a day of motor sailing and 4 hours of generator use. This would mean that you would be paying heavy extra amounts if the yacht is sailing for a major portion of the day. As such, you should enquire the exact fuel costs that are borne by the yacht chartering company per day to assess whether you would have additional costs involved in the deal.

Similarly, most of the cheap yacht hire arrangements would exclude personal insurance for the passengers and you should ensure that each traveler is adequately insured for the duration of the trip from the time of boarding the yacht to the time of landing back after the sailing trip. Many cheap yacht hire offers would be vague about transfer arrangements from the yacht to the shore or the hotel, travel around the city, town, or nearby tourist spots, and back to the yacht. You should discuss in detail about these arrangements and make sure about the costs involved and who should bear them.

Majority of the cheap yacht hire deals exclude local taxes charged by the local governments on tourists and the harbor mooring duties and taxes. You should estimate how much such taxes would cost for the entire trip, so that the funds could be arranged in advance. Similarly, the crew wages and crew food expenses could be out of scope of the cheap yacht hire agreement. This would be a substantial amount, particularly if your group is a large one and the crew members are also considerable. To cite an instance, a 300 feet yacht would have more than a crew of 30 members, including the skipper, engineers, deckhands, mates, stewardesses, water sports experts like scuba dive trainers, snorkeling trainers, etc. The wages and food costs of the entire crew for a week could be a staggering portion of the entire yacht hiring cost. Hence, it is absolutely necessary to be clear about the terms of such costs either included or excluded from the hiring agreement, to enable you to plan the sailing trip budget properly.

Many cheap yacht hire arrangements would include breakfast and lunch but would exclude dinner. Sometimes, the offer could include breakfast and dinner but exclude lunch. These terms should be carefully studied. The yatch chartering companies would use complicated technical terms such as half board and full board to confuse you. When you are in doubt, never hesitate to ask in detail about the implications of the terms that you do not understand clearly to avoid unnecessary hassles or problems later. Proper understanding of the terms of cheap yacht hire could save you thousands of dollars.

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