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Catamaran hire

Catamaran hire is the best option for novices in sailing to learn the art of having fun in water. Normally, catamarans could be termed as small boats
handled by 2 persons but certain models of catamarans could accommodate up to 4-5 persons also. Catamarans might look simple in construction but they have the capacity of easy operation in light wind conditions, while possessing the strength to confront even strong wind conditions. The catamaran hire is the perfect platform for learning the skills of sailing. You would not require any previous sailing experience to handle catamarans. However, all the catamaran hire service providers offer not only formal instructions and training in the management of catamarans but also provide all the necessary safety equipment such as life jackets to ensure absolute protection to catamaran enthusiasts.

Normally, the length of the catamarans would be around 14 feet. The catamaran hire service companies offer free training and life jackets for the cost of the catamaran hire. In majority of catamaran sailing facilities, rescue crafts are also kept as standby in case assistance is required. Many catamaran hirers have a considerable fleet and offer racing competitions for various groups such as school children, church groups, corporate companies and sporting clubs. Catamarans are so simple to operate that even disabled persons would be able to enjoy the fun and frolic of sailing with them.

The catamaran hire companies teach the novices how the catamaran functions and tutor them about judging wind directions and wind strength. They educate the budding sailors about tacking, gibing, trimming the sails and taking the helm. Safety measures and other terminology related to catamaran sailing are also taught. The word ‘catamaran’ had evolved from the Tamil word, ‘kattumaram’, which literally means bundling long wood pieces together and use them as a float in water. However, the modern catamarans have a minimum of two hulls that had been joined by some type of structure, such as a frame. Normally, catamarans have sails but many of them are fitted with motors also nowadays for ease of operation.

Catamaran hire had become quite popular in recent times for leisure sailing or for competitive sports events. Even though the origin of catamarans was in Tamil Nadu, India, the Polynesians used catamarans to reach even the most distant islands due to their daring seafaring nature. Even though the standard length of catamarans is around 14 feet, even large catamarans are manufactured at present. Catamarans with multihull design have two Amas that are separated by two Akas. These pieces contain between them a suspended platform or trampoline. Due to the advances and technological improvements in catamaran design, catamaran hire and catamaran racing events are becoming highly popular in many countries.

The smaller catamarans available as catamaran hire are mainly meant for recreational sailing for launching them from the beach, sail around in the nearby area by expertly handling the incoming tides, and then landing back on the beach. On the other hand, the larger catamarans are good for long cruising and they could average speeds around fifteen to twenty knots. Still, operating the larger catamarans would require lot of experience and training.

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