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Bareboat hire

Bareboat hire is an arrangement in which only the boat or yacht is hired, without any crew or other provisions in the hire or charter agreement.
If you hire a boat or a yacht on a bareboat hire basis, you would be completely responsible for taking care of everything. If any damage occurs to the bareboat and you had not taken any insurance cover, then you would be forced to pay the damage costs to the bareboat hire company or the owner of the boat or yacht. Since the owner of the boat or the yacht hiring company gives up the possession of the boat or the yacht totally to the person hiring the vessel on a bareboat hire basis, this kind of arrangement is also known as ‘demise charter’ and the charterer is termed ‘disponent owner’.

All over the world, thousands of yacht or boat hiring companies and individuals provide such bareboat hire services. Bareboat hire brokers and agents also exist in plenty in all major cities and ports, acting like travel agents in helping you find a bareboat for hire. They use their experience and network of connections with yacht and boat owners or companies to offer you the most suitable vessel that suits your taste and budget. Such bareboat hire practice had been steadily increasing since the mid-1990s but had started growing at a rapid pace from the early 2000s. Many travelers who undertake sailing on a regular basis prefer to have bareboat hire arrangement, instead of owning a boat and maintaining it. The increase in vacations based on outdoor activities and the use of yachts as ideal tourism vehicles had given a big boost to bareboat hire industry.

Since bareboat hire agreement excludes the supply of the skipper and crew along with provisions, you would be forced to arrange these things in a suitable manner. You should hire a skilled skipper and an experienced crew. You should purchase adequate fuel for the engines and the generator, the provisions for food and beverages for the duration of the trip, and other water sports equipment that you would like to have, such as scuba diving gear, snorkeling gear, life jackets, etc. You should take into consideration the number of passengers that you would be taking on vacation in your bareboat hire program and plan the above items accordingly.

You should make sure that the boat or the yacht that had been booked on bareboat hire basis is properly insured for the entire vacation period against all possible risks. Further, you should be prepared to pay the local taxes and dues at the various ports of call that you intend to visit. If you are planning to go to various tourist attractions on the land near the ports, then you should be ready to organize the costs of limousines, hotel accommodations, and local restaurant food and beverages for all the passengers on board. As such, if you wish to have a bareboat hire, you should be ready for all the above preparations. Otherwise, chartering a boat or a yacht is the better option.

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